We are thrilled to be moving to a site full of history, which is why we are committed to maintain the historical integrity of the old factory. Our team has been working closely with architects at Blackney Hayes and builders at Clemens Construction to find new ways to use old materials from the original factory across the campus. Salvaged timber beams and wood floor boards will be reused for flooring and accent walls throughout the space, as well as for window sills and staircases. But wood is not the only material we’re reclaiming.

In the midst of ongoing construction, the team found cobblestones from an old road that intersected the site. We’re planning to incorporate these cobblestones into the outdoor plaza designs. We’re also reclaiming bricks from the chimney and walls of the factory that have been demolished. As construction progresses, no doubt new ideas will arise. Not only is reusing material “greener,” but it tells a story of history— the history of the Tioga neighborhood that will be remembered as we walk the hallways at 1717 W. Allegheny Ave.