On Monday, August 27th, we held our first annual “We Serve Day,” in our new neighborhood of Tioga. Students, faculty/staff, members of Tioga United and the community, and the Travis Manion Foundation joined forces to help clean the streets surrounding our new school location at the corner of 17th and Allegheny. The Travis Manion Foundation generously donated the supplies for the day, including gloves, rakes, and trash bags. 

In addition to picking up trash on the streets, some students visited our new neighbor, Thankful Baptist Church, to help them clean inside the main sanctuary. Furthermore, all helping were welcome to tours of the construction site – an exciting opportunity for students to see the foundations of where they will be learning next year! After a hard morning’s work, we concluded the clean-up with a delicious barbecue lunch in our new parking lot. 

This is just the first of many steps in our mission to give back to the Tioga community. We are thrilled to be moving to a welcoming neighborhood and are looking forward to continuing to work with Tioga United to create a safe, clean, and healthy community.