In just three weeks, the frame of our new building is up! On Friday, June 1st, Cristo Rey Philadelphia Clemens Construction, Pride Enterprises, and campaign supporters gathered for the Topping-Out Ceremony – an old construction tradition to celebrate the milestone of placing the final beam. 

The tradition is that everyone signs the painted white beam before it goes up to be placed, typically, at the highest point of the building. On one end of the beam is a Christmas Tree and on the other end is an American Flag. The tree symbolizes growth and good luck by giving back to the forest. Legend has it that this tradition dates back to pre-Dark Age Scandinavian cultures who placed a tree on top of a new building to fend off evil spirits for cutting down the forests for lumber. 

John McConnell, Cristo Rey Philadelphia Founder and President, spoke, as well as Jim Smith, Clemens Construction Site Supervisor. Watch the video below to hear what they had to say about this significant milestone for the project.